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Honoring our Lost Loved Ones, Together.

Your person matters. Your grief is valid. Join us in mourning together for lives lost to COVID-19.

"Love invites us to grieve for the dead as ritual of mourning and as celebration. As we speak our hearts in mourning we share our intimate knowledge of the dead, of who they were and how they lived. We honor their presence by naming the legacies they leave us. We need not contain grief when we use it as a means to intensify our love for the dead and dying, for those who remain alive."
-bell hooks, All About Love: New Visions

What is Madison Mourns?

Madison Mourns is an effort to preserve the memory of loved ones lost to COVID-19 and affirm expressions of mourning for community members in the Madison, Wisconsin area. We are seeking community renewal and a felt-acknowledgment of the loss we have experienced collectively. At the close of the project, this website will be crawled and stored with the UW-Madison Archives COVID-19 Project.


Read more about the folks involved in this work on our About page

Find us on Instagram @madisonmourns


Madison Mourns is now accepting memorials of most digital formats, including letters, photos, audio files, and more. We invite you to represent your loved one in the format that feels most meaningful. 

For more details, please see our Submission Form. 

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